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Sheri Orloff - Virtual Assistant
Sheri Orloff

Hello! I am a virtual assistant who helps individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations attain their goals by providing diverse administrative and technical services on an as-needed basis from my office. When you become my client, you get dependable operational support without the expense of rent, employee benefits, office equipment, utilities, etc. That will allow you to manage your company efficiently and focus on the most important things while minimizing time spent on minutiae.

As a college-educated native Californian with an excellent command of spoken and written English, all correspondence and telephone interactions performed on your behalf will represent you or your organization in a positive and professional manner. I offer particular expertise in audio transcription, database management, e-book publication, and royalty bookkeeping for publishers. Most importantly, I am an extremely ethical person with a proven ability to maintain complete confidentiality.

Below are some representative tasks that you might consider outsourcing. Please contact me for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

  • Data entry; database management; list hygiene
  • Prepare and print personalized letters and labels
  • Modify documents and submit for digital signature
  • Prepare, distribute and manage correspondence including letters, contracts, and applications
  • Provide and obtain W-9 and other forms
  • Generate invoices and statements
  • Update websites, blogs, and social media
  • Provide support for direct mail and product fulfillment
  • Proofread
  • Correspondence
  • Handwritten cards
  • Audio transcription
  • Format manuscripts for Kindle and print


Sheri Orloff, my virtual assistant, is a magician. She formatted and uploaded my novel, "Smasher" onto Amazon Kindle. I was at an impasse until I contacted Sheri. Serendipitous. Her intelligence, knowledge, honesty, tenacity, and expediency, made it a pleasure to work with her. I'd use her again. She delivers. The results were amazing. She definitely goes the extra mile and more than lives up to her name. I am extremely grateful to her.
--G. I. Miller, Smasher: A novel About a Camp for Juvenile Offenders

For months I've had the pleasure of a "right hand" though she is miles away. We've never met in person, but this is a competent, quick thinking, agreeable, prompt administrative aide to me and my nonprofit. And she does an amazing job of deciphering my horrible handwriting. Ask me more about Sheri Orloff.
--William Ewald, Positive Alternative Choices Today

I utilize Above and Beyond Virtual Assistance on so many diverse projects for my ebook and audiobook publishing company that I can’t really remember every single task that Sheri has performed for me. What I can recall, however, is that they included proofreading, audio transcription and database management, and that they were all done expeditiously, accurately and professionally. It’s like having a go-to on-call employee who never lets you down.
--Jim Loftin, Wordwooze Publishing